All your translations in one place

A reliable and easy way to make your WordPress Website multilingual and translate all your content. With a fully integration with DeepL API. With Tranzly Pro, you can translate the entire website, Pages, Posts, Woocommerce Products, MetaBoxes, and even Yoast Fields .. With just one click. You don’t need to worry, All fonts, images, and formatting remain in place, leaving you free to edit the translated document any way you like.
tranzlyfeatures Tranzly Translator

Pro-Translation Solutions & Features

Simplify your translation proces!

Optimized for SEO

Your translated pages are automatically indexed following Google best practices in terms of multilingual SEO (title, metadata, hreflang, …).

Automatic translation

No need to start from scratch with a first layer of automatic translation provided by the best machine learning provider on the market (DeepL).

9 Languages Supported

Tranzly currently supports 9 most spoken languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish.

Tranzly Features

One Stop AI Translation Solution for WordPress

Posts & Pages

Translate your WordPress Posts and Pages automatically and generate perfectly SEO-Optimized Content

Language Switcher

Allow users to switch between your weebsite’s languages with ease, You can place the Switcher in any area of your website using Shortcode.


Localize all your WooCommerce Products and create awesome multilingual online shop experience- Get Started now, Unlock All Pro Features